What is hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an antenatal class which educates you about more than just how your body works and what to expect when delivering your baby. The course teaches you about how YOU can assist your body in the amazing journey it takes to birth your baby; learning how to stimulate crucial birthing hormones and how to release fears associated with birth which can hinder the production of these hormones.
There are a range of brilliant techniques to aid birth; including breathing correctly to help the natural expulsive reflex of the uterus, different birth positions and even massage techniques. All of these ensure a more comfortable delivery. Hypnobirthing doesn't promise a pain free birth, but it does stack the odds in your favour and assist with a more comfortable one.
One of the key things to experiencing a positive birth experience is feeling a sense of control; the knowledge you are given and preparation are key to an empowering birth.
Hypnobirthing, as it's name suggests, does involve some carefully developed hypnosis to help a birthing mother enter in to a relaxed, calm state to birth her baby. This helps relieve stress and ensure that you bring your baby in to the world in the way that feels right for you.

I have had a baby before, can I still do the course?

Absolutely! A large number of my clients are second or even third time mums who have had negative birth experiences and want to change that! They have all come back feeling much more empowered by their 'hypnobirths,' no matter what route they ended up taking.

Can I do the course if I'm having a C-Section?

Many people thing hypnobirthing is just for home births. This is completely not true. In fact, it tends to be even more beneficial for people who end up needing interventions or C-Sections.
Bringing your baby in to the world in a relaxed, positive environment can be done no matter how the baby is delivered.

Can I bring my partner?

100% YES! I encourage birth partners to attend the course for several reasons;

* It helps to know the process of birth and what to expect

* They learn loads of great tips of how to keep mum to be in the right state of mind and comfortable

* They learn how to protect the birth environment

* They can be sure that when the time comes, they can advocate for mum, letting her carry on birthing with little interference from medics (they'll be your voice!)

When should I start a course?

Hypnobirthing courses are available to anyone over 20 weeks gestation. I personally suggest starting the course from between 30- 32 weeks.
You leave the course feeling excited, positive and raring to go so you don't want to it be too long before you have your baby. You also want to ensure you have enough time to practice what you've learnt and prepare for your birth.

I'm not sure about hypnosis, can the course still help me?

Hypnosis is great for getting in to a state of deep relaxation quickly, but it's not for everyone. Luckily hypnobirthing is! There is so much more to gain from it than just relaxation scripts. The massage techniques, breathing, positions for labour and physiology of birth aspects alone are so valuable for having your desired birth.

Can I have a pain free birth?

I won't promise that; but watch some of the birth videos on the Little Birth Company YouTube channel to see how close people get to just that! It definitely stacks the odds in your favour and helps you to get a more comfortable experience.