Image by Omar Lopez

My first hypno baby

I felt some tinges in the early hours of the morning so I figured I'd monitor myself and only wake my husband once I was really sure it was time.

We decided once we were ready in the morning we'd pop in to hospital just to check everything was ok. I strapped on the tense machine (it wasn't doing much) and off we went. The midwives said I was fine and turned the tens on to the correct setting :p (yes, I'd been doing it wrong, turns out it was decent.)

Anyway we went home and rested, I was flaking by the end of the day as I hadn't really slept and was waiting for a major, life changing moment.

My super hypno partner offered me a bath and it was amazing. The warm water soothed my surges and I really started to feel them coming.

It was evening when we went back to hospital and though it had been a long day we worked through my surges beautifully, with him counting me out of them, really giving me something to focus on.

I tried some gas and air when the midwife had suggested it and realised it really wasn't for me. I enjoyed control over my body and my mind and didn't like the way it made me feel. In fact, at this point they recommended I use the drip as I wasn't progressing and was too tired to do much about it.

I was requested pethidine (the next go to on my mental list of aids). That worked really well for me as I actually fell asleep in between surges! It was my much needed rest.

The second stage of labour was intense; I had a fantastic midwife who suggested I change my position and voila...out she came! I was wide awake! Breathing in the most incredible, most exhilarating feeling. Holding a tiny baby girl in my arms (we didn't know what we were having). I felt powerful, I felt brave, I knew we were going to be a force to be reckoned with; me and my baby girl.