Little Lavender Birth School


Ammarah Suleman

Hypnobirthing Instructor

Hi, I’m Ammarah, founder of the Little Lavender Birth School; hypnobirthing instructor and mother of two lovely hypnobabies!
I was a primary school teacher before giving it all up to fully immerse myself in life as mummy.
Like most first time mums to be I was excited about having my baby, but terrified at the thought of labour!

As sceptical as I felt, I took a hypnobirthing class to do whatever I could to make it less terrifying! It turned out it wasn't a mystical, unattainable concept that could only be used by 'already great at meditating' mums. Birth preparation was empowering. I was in control of my birth and want the same for each of you and your birth partners.

I love all things birth and am really excited to show women how they can have a calm, comfortable and positive birth using simple techniques.

The antenatal course can benefit you regardless of how or where you choose to give birth; it's what YOU want that's important.


I've also had great reviews from birth partners! So many think they will end up as bystanders in the labour room, before finding hypnobirthing. They're given great methods to support their partners and end up being a rock of support for their birthing goddess.

Read my birth stories and testimonials to learn just how strong and confident you can feel about birthing your baby.